Caring for your collection:


Keeping an accurate record of each specimen including a photo can help greatly in the event of loss or mix up of specimens. 


Note the cost, date, dealer and weight as these are important details to include with the meteorite specimen.


Storage need not be elaborate but moisture and salts from handling can cause rusting and should be avoided.


In the event minor rusting starts to show, a quick wash with 91% isopropyl alcohol, towel dry then a few minutes with a hair dryer can help delay the damage. Best to seek a meteorite expertís help rather than risk permanent specimen damage from hardware store remedies. 


Locations with high humidity levels should also be avoided or if that is not possible, specimens should be stored in an airtight container containing a desiccant to reduce the relative humidity to below 30%. 


Donít forget to change the desiccant often to maintain the low humidity level.

Most Iron Meteorites will eventually rust.

Inhibitor V80 VCI/OIL Blend  has been found to greatly help delay the rusting process.

As a result, SpaceTreasures.com coats all iron meteorites with it.  

Stoney meteorites are never treated with oils however.